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What does Airtrace do?


Airtrace Ltd. specialises in two key areas - advanced testing products including wireless network and ethernet testing solutions, both on a large scale. Airtrace also provides security devices from CGS.


If you are searching for a product to meet your advanced testing or security needs or simply want to increase the efficiency or capabilities of your current testing solutions then Airtrace may just have the ideal product to suit you.


What makes Airtrace unique?


Airtrace Ltd. are the sole UK vendor for several products, designed by Albedo, Qosmotec, Sifos. Airtrace are also a distributor for Xena Networks. Airtrace can provide you with unparalleled support, instant viewing of the most important datasheets, direct and exact specifications and product descriptions to enable you to make the best decision when choosing your product.





CGS Network Packet Broker




The CGS-NPB appliances address the market requirement to reduce the cost, complexity and footprint of high-end network visibility solutions. The CGS-NPB is the most reliable, scalable, modular Packet Broker that support multiple ports and interfaces in a compact 1RU form factor. The Packet Broker can also enhance the Xena Traffic Generator with increased speeds and functionality. [ ...Read More ]