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What does Airtrace do?


Airtrace Ltd. specialises in two key areas - advanced testing products including wireless network and ethernet testing solutions, both on a large scale. Airtrace also provides security devices from Novoquad.


If you are searching for a product to meet your advanced testing or security needs or simply want to increase the efficiency or capabilities of your current testing solutions then Airtrace may just have the ideal product to suit you.


What makes Airtrace unique?


Airtrace Ltd. are the sole UK vendor for several products, designed by Albedo, Prisma, Qosmotec, Sanjole, Sifos and Xena Networks respectively. Airtrace can provide you with unparalleled support, instant viewing of the most important datasheets, direct and exact specifications and product descriptions to enable you to make the best decision when choosing your product.









Novoquad's range of products answer a vast number or potential vulnerabilities and provide security to key areas. The product range available includes their respected Reactive Jammers, in portable, convoy and stationary formats. This is further complimented by an impressive range of Interception Systems, alongside devices capable of Targeted Tracking, 'See Through Wall' Radar and X-ray Inspection. [ ...Read More ]


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Airtrace introduces the Novoquad Product Range



NovoquadNovoquad offers superior security devices and today we can confirm that their product range is now available through Airtrace Ltd. Products on offer include the ND-BL003, ND-BP006 & ND-BS003 Reactive Jammers, the ND-BU001 UAV Detector and Jammer, the ND-IG001 & ND-IM005 Interception Systems, the ND-IM008 2/3/4G Tracker/Catcher System, the ND-SV003 'See Through Wall' Radar System and the ND-XN001 Portable X-Ray Inspection System.


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