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Company History:


Airtrace Ltd was incorporated late in 2006 by Managing Director, Jim Pates, after over 20 years in Data and Telecommunications Test and Measurement. Having spent the majority of this time working for both Distributors and Vendors of Test and Measurement products in the UK and European market places, a change of direction was called for. The change of direction came when a unique opportunity presented itself in the form of Aircapture.


Jim Pates, Managing Director at Airtrace Ltd


Initially the company was founded specifically to market the Aircapture range of WiFi forensic tools to the Law Enforcement Authorities in the UK and Ireland. Once the basic operation was established and running other vendors with whom Jim has had associations approached him with a view to the new company representing their products in the UK.


Since those early days vendors have come and gone as the portfolio took shape. Today Airtrace has carved out a convincing product range to address the growing needs of the Mobile phone equipment vendors and service providers. Air interface ‘Sniffing’ gives the user the opportunity to decode the air interface in real time and to drill down to the physical level to decode issues across all the protocol layers. This is complemented by the Artiza EU Simulation product which can load an network or EnodeB with up to 1000 UE’s per sector and a maximum of up to 6 sectors per system making it the highest capacity UE simulator in the world. In addition to this we have End to End test system from Qosmotec which allows for fully automated testing of the user experience and quality of service.


In addition to the products that are aimed at the mobile market place the Airtrace portfolio also boasts a wide range of Transmission testers from Digital Lightwave and Frederick Engineering with portable and hand held solutions for SDH/PDH/OTN at speed up to 100Gig. With hand held solutions for testing ADSL, VDSL, Triple Play and IPTV, almost all aspects of communications is catered for. Airtrace also supplies Ethernet test solutions for traffic generation up to 100Gig. Additionally SyncE solutions also available as part of the Xena Networks product range. Other aspects of Ethernet testing catered for are Power Over Ethernet and Ethernet conformance testing from Sifos Technologies.