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Airtrace Ltd. is continually developing and changing to suit the needs of its customers. In this section you can find out exactly what has been happening in recent months and discover how Airtrace Ltd. has progressed into the UK's leading vendor of high-tech testing and security solutions over the last decade.




Airtrace introduces the CGS Product Range:



Date: March, 2018 Associated Links: CGS Datasheets


CGSCGS Tower Networks provides superior next generation network visibility solutions that enable and empower Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and monitoring tools while reducing costs and complexity. They optimise the tools layer by providing full network visibility and eliminating network bottlenecks in order to ensure maximum performance and benefits.





Airtrace introduces the WaveJudge 5000 LTE:





The Sanjole WaveJudge 5000 LTESanjole's WaveJudge 5000 captures protocol messages and RF signal characteristics over the air, including the errors, allowing you to quickly and accurately identify the source of an error. The ability to characterize the channel conditions when analyzing application behavior and protocol exchange provides distinct advantages over eNB or UE logging capabilities, which can report false positives when transmitting or false negatives when receiving.





Airtrace's brand new Website goes Live:


Date: June, 2012 Associated Links: Airtrace


Airtrace's New Website Airtrace has updated its website with a brand new look, encompassing full HTML, Javascript, PHP and jQuery aspects.


Airtrace's new website now boasts a new user and search engine friendly interface, including such devices as the 'Datasheet Selector' to enable users to enjoy their experience online with Airtrace as well as providing more direct product information to interested parties.



Airtrace announces the new IntelliJudge by Sanjole:





Sanjole IntelliJudge LTE Sanjole's IntelliJudge takes the unique capabilities of the WaveJudge to the next level by taking it to the next layer – real-time analysis and storage of PHY and protocol interactions along with real-time triggering on lower and upper layer events, errors, messages, and message content. The result is the powerful ability to isolate problem areas regardless of the layer in which they occur.





Airtrace attends the Counter Terror Expo at Olympia in London:


Date: 2010 Associated Links: Counter Terror Expo Website


Counter Terror Expo The Counter Terror Expo is the premier global event for professionals tasked with ensuring a formidable and effective response to the threats we face today.


Established with the intent to deliver a unique and secure environment in which professionals within the critically important counter-terrorism arena can come together to share experience and gain knowledge, the event has grown exponentially to be a truly key gathering of the leading experts in the field from within government, military, the security services, law enforcement and academia worldwide.



Sifos release the 802.3AT Power Over Ethernet test solution:


Date: 2009 Associated Links: Sifos Power Sync Analyzer 3000


Sifos Power Sync Analyzer 3000 Sifos' PSA-3000 family is a second generation family of products from Sifos specifically developed to address the IEEE 802.3at specification. First generation PSA-1200 products established Sifos as the industry standard world-wide for comprehensive PSE testing and analysis. The PSA-3000 family fully supports test procedures and automation developed for PSA-1200 analyzers while offering increased static and transient load stimuli, higher set point and measurement accuracies, higher resolutions, reliable noise-immune triggering, LLDP emulation, active load foldback suppression, and many other advantages.



Sanjole ship the first LTE WaveJudge:


Date: 2009 Associated Links: Sanjole WaveJudge 4900 LTE


Sanjole IntelliJudge LTE Sanjole's WaveJudge 4900 provides more information than any other tool about all aspects of wireless communications particularly upper layers through PHY activity.


For example, using the WaveJudge, you’ll be able to understand the interactions between user equipment (UE) and the base station (eNB) at all layers, identify complex issues that cause interoperability problems, and improve the performance of the overall wireless connection.



Airtrace signs distribution agreement with Sifos Technologies who specialise in Power Over Ethernet test products:


Date: 2008 Associated Links: Sifos


Sifos Sifos Technologies is a privately held company, founded in 2003, focused on developing test & measurement solutions through innovation of products that will increase the capability of test and decrease the overall cost of test through reduction of test time, equipment, and fixture requirements. The Sifos team is currently working with the leading test labs, networking equipment, and silicon vendors to develop the solution that will meet the needs of the industry and test for interoperability, functionality, and performance bench-marking.



Airtrace exhibits at the prestigious Home Office Scientific Development Branch Exhibition at RAF Holton Buckinghamshire:


Date: 2007 Associated Links: HOSDB


Home Office The Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) exhibition is the UK’s premier platform for showcasing world leading technologies and solutions for law enforcement and public security applications. In partnership with UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation this exhibition is the UK’s only secure event for the engagement of UK and international police and security professionals with the pinnacle of the UK security industry.




Airtrace Ltd. goes Live on the Web:


Date: 2006 Associated Links: Airtrace


Sanjole IntelliJudge LTE Airtrace Ltd. is now live on the web. Our new website contains a stop press section, datasheets for all our products, product specific information and company/support details.


The website can be found online at







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