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Airtrace Ltd. are the UK vendor for a wide range of well known products from some of the biggest names in their respective markets. Our immediate focus is on high end testing solutions that increase the capability alongside decreasing the cost of testing through reductions in time spent. Each product comes with full support from our trained engineers alongside a direct link to the development team if the need should ever arise - guaranteed.



Wireless Network Test Solutions


Wireless network testing requires a truly advanced set of tools with unparalleled levels of efficiency in order to achieve the excellent results required by the industry.

Wireless Network Test Solutions


Our suite of products can provide excellent answers to the testing requirements of network providers and telecommunications companies alike. Airtrace has teamed up with the likes of Qosmotec to provide a fully comprehensive suite of testing options including LTE based products, UE Simulation products and more.


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Ethernet Test Solutions


Ethernet testing solutions facilitate telecom and networking companies amongst others with the ability to measure, monitor, install, troubleshoot and maintain ethernet based networks at a level previously unrealised.

Ethernet Test Solutions


From L2-L3 Gigabit ethernet to E1 and QoS testing, Airtrace has been working with Albedo, Sifos and Xena Networks to provide its clients with the most up-to-date and flexible solutions available. As with most of our products, scalable product variations enable the client to troubleshoot and then solve any issues that arise without the usual delay.


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Product Development


Airtrace is continually adding to and developing its product range to supply the most up to date hardware and software to interested parties. Each product section contains a full description, facts and features, specifications, datasheets, and can be purchased directly from our head office.


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