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Ethernet Test Solutions:


Xena Networks


Xena NetworksXena Networks develops affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible Ethernet test solutions. They focus exclusively on L2-L3 gigabit ethernet networking technology and analysis products that deliver demonstrable price/performance leadership. In 2011 Xena Networks won Frost & Sullivan’s 'Global Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Price Performance Value Leadership Award' and were crowned as one of Red Herring's Global Top 100. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the XenaBay and XenaCompact products.


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SifosSifos Technologies is focused on developing test & measurement solutions through innovation of products that will increase the capability and decrease the overall cost of test through reduction of test time, equipment, and fixture requirements. The Sifos team is currently working with leading test labs, networking equipment, and silicon vendors to develop the solution that will meet the needs of the industry and test for interoperability, functionality, and performance bench-marking. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Sifos PowerSync Analyzer 3000, PhyView Analyzer 3000 and Powered Device Analyzer 300 products.


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AlbedoAlbedo Telecom is a manufacturer of test, measurement and monitoring solutions for the telecom industry. They facilitate mobile and telecom operators - the installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of those infrastructures that are supporting voice, video, internet and data services. ALBEDO core expertise range from SyncE, GbE, E1, TDM, Jitter/Wander, QoS, SLA implemented on WAN emulators, Wirespeed Taps, Testers, and Systems. Airtrace are the UK Vendor for both the Albedo Net.Storm and AT-2048 products.


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Ethernet Test Solutions


Ethernet Test Solutions


Ethernet testing solutions facilitate telecom and networking companies amongst others with the ability to measure, monitor, install, troubleshoot and maintain ethernet based networks at a level previously unrealised.


From L2-L3 Gigabit ethernet to E1 and QoS testing, Airtrace has been working with Albedo, Sifos and Xena Networks to provide its clients with the most up-to-date and flexible solutions available. As with most of our products, scalable product variations enable the client to troubleshoot and then solve any issues that arise without the usual delay.