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Net.StormThe NetStorm generates those perturbances typical of IP and Carrier Ethernet to test applications, devices and protocols that should be tolerant with packet delay, jitter, loss, duplication, reordering, error and bandwidth variations. Testing has become an important topic during the IP convergence, because of the diversity of underlying technologies, and the adaptive behavior of applications. NetStorm facilitates the verification of new applications, services and nodes through emulation of the real nature of IP networks.




NetStorm is a tool for developers debugging new IP equipment, acceptance test laboratories, design and configuration of unified Ethernet/IP networks, QoS/QoE test, HDTV, IPTV, VoIP, Internet radio, Video Streaming, VPN data, High Speed Internet, Satellite and Undersea traffic applications. All of them that may suffer the network conditions found on the Internet and enterprise. NetStorm enables engineers to model and modify arbitrary performance dynamics including packet delay, jitter, bandwidth limitations, congestion, packet loss, errors and duplication on live IP packets. This tool is being used by big operators, acceptance labs and universities to test Multiplay applications including Critical Data Access, Internet, VoIP, IMS, and IPTV and the associated nodes such as routers, VoIP hand sets, VoIP PBXs, set-top boxes and VoD servers.


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Albedo Telecom is a manufacturer of test, measurement and monitoring solutions for the telecom industry. They facilitate mobile and telecom operators - the installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of those infrastructures that are supporting voice, video, internet and data services. ALBEDO core expertise range from SyncE, GbE, E1, TDM, Jitter/Wander, QoS, SLA implemented on WAN emulators, Wirespeed Taps, Testers, and Systems. Airtrace are the UK Vendor for both the Albedo Net.Storm and AT-2048 products.