PowerSync Analyzer 3000:


PowerSync Analyzer 3000The PSA-3000 family is a second generation family of products from Sifos specifically developed to address the IEEE 802.3at specification. First generation PSA-1200 products established Sifos as the industry standard world-wide for comprehensive PSE testing and analysis. The PSA-3000 family fully supports test procedures and automation developed for PSA-1200 analyzers while offering increased static and transient load stimuli, higher set point and measurement accuracies, higher resolutions, reliable noise-immune triggering, LLDP emulation, active load foldback suppression, and many other advantages.


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PhyView Analyzer 3000:


PhyView Analyzer 3000The PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzer is designed to bridge the wide coverage gap between comprehensive Ethernet twisted pair PHY compliance testing and rudimentary link verification testing. The PVA-3000 introduces an innovative multi-port capability dedicated to 10/100/1000BaseT physical layer characterization under controlled impairments including line loss, ingress noise, jittered or offset timing, and even Power-over-Ethernet. The PVA-3000 tests Ethernet switches and routers, discrete LAN interfaces, link transmission components, and network service integrity at any DTE interface.


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Powered Device Analyzer 300:


Powered Device AnalyzerThe PowerSync Device Analyzer (PDA-300) is a single-box comprehensive solution for testing IEEE 802.3at PoE Powered Devices (PD’s). It offers one-button, fully automated test sequences and limit processing for critical Powered Device operating parameters. With measurements performed at the Powered Device network interface, many parameters critical to IEEE 802.3at interoperation can be efficiently compared to specification requirements thus fully avoiding the need for extensive interoperability testing with IEEE 802.3at PSE’s and network connections.


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Sifos - Company Description:




Sifos Technologies is focused on developing test & measurement solutions through innovation of products that will increase the capability and decrease the overall cost of test through reduction of test time, equipment, and fixture requirements. The Sifos team is currently working with leading test labs, networking equipment, and silicon vendors to develop the solution that will meet the needs of the industry and test for interoperability, functionality, and performance bench-marking. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Sifos PowerSync Analyzer 3000, PhyView Analyzer 3000 and Powered Device Analyzer 300 products.