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XenaBayThe XenaBay is a modular 12-slot chassis solution providing industry-leading density and lowest power consumption per test port. It supports 72 x 1 or 10 Gbps ports, or 12 x 40 Gbps ports, or 6 x 100 Gbps ports in a 4U form factor.


The XenaBay Test Modules are identical to the test modules which are integrated into the XenaCompact series, so the feature set of the XenaBay series is identical to the XenaCompact series, except for the physical form factor and power consumption.


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XenaCompactThe XenaCompact is a 1U chassis solution with an integrated Test Module card catering for a range of copper and optical Gigabit ethernet testing scenarios. 10GigE interfaces include XFP SR/LR, SFP+ SR/LR, and CX4. GigE interfaces include copper 10/100/1000 Ethernet and 100/1000M optical SFP.


The same Test Module cards and software are used in both XenaCompact and XenaBay chassis to ensure total compatibility.


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Xena Networks - Company Description:


Xena Networks


Xena Networks develops affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible Ethernet test solutions. They focus exclusively on L2-L3 gigabit ethernet networking technology and analysis products that deliver demonstrable price/performance leadership. In 2011 Xena Networks won Frost & Sullivan’s 'Global Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Price Performance Value Leadership Award' and were crowned as one of Red Herring's Global Top 100. Airtrace are a UK vendor for the XenaBay and XenaCompact products.