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Wireless Network Test Solutions:




SanjoleSanjole is a leader in wireless testing with expertise in innovative wireless technology. As the Wireless Network infrastructure grows, so too does the demand on Wireless test equipment. Sanjole and Airtrace are dedicated to providing the equipment and support that you need to get the job done. Sanjole's team leverages their years of experience in critical advanced testing situations to supply the next generation Wireless Test Equipment. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Sanjole WaveJudge LTE product.


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QosmotecQosmotec Software Solutions is the most flexible provider of standardized and customizable test systems for mobile communication networks. The Qosmotec concept embraces the entire range of network verification via test automation and unattended test execution. It enables network operators and infrastructure vendors to test their complex systems faster, more thoroughly and at lower expense. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Qosmotec Air Interface Simulator, Propagation Effects Replicator and Lab Test System.


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Prisma Telecom Testing


Prisma Telecom TestingPrisma Telecom Testing leads multi-user, scalable load & stress test and monitoring solutions for cellular networks. Recently added testing solutions based on Software Defined Radio will now expand the scope of PRISMA’s solutions to the entire range of interfaces used in mobile networks, especially for Evolved EDGE and LTE radio systems. Prisma’s Line Server Unit family of ultra-high performance test systems are designed to support development, system acceptance and production test activities in an effective and flexible way. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Prisma UESim LTE, 3GSim UMTS, and MsSim GSM products.


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Wireless Network Test Solutions


Wireless Network Test Solutions


Wireless network testing requires a truly advanced set of tools with unparalleled levels of efficiency in order to achieve the excellent results required by the industry.


Our suite of products can provide excellent answers to the testing requirements of network providers and telecommunications companies alike. Airtrace has teamed up with the likes of Prisma, Qosmotec and Sanjole to provide a fully comprehensive suite of testing options including LTE based products, UE Simulation products and more.