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The Lab Test System (LTS):


Qosmotec's Lab Test SystemQosmotec's Lab Test System's purpose is to fully automate your lab tests, controlling commercial or test mobiles as well as supplementary test equipment, such as the Qosmotec AIS, protocol analysers or signalling generators, and even the network switches, in a synchronous test campaign. Test suites are stored in a database and can be replayed at any time. By controlling hundreds of mobiles, LTS can also be used as end-to-end load generator. Hence, automation of regression tests can achieve significant reductions of development costs and shorten time to market.





Qosmotec's Lab Test System (LTS) integrates automated testing on all network interfaces. LTS integrates various means of testing under a common management, e.g. feature test, handover test, protocol analysis, KPI measurement, etc.


LTS allows you to use your competence in a more efficient way - why not shift routine testing to a machine so your engineers can focus on debugging and testing of new features? LTS can also help you to significantly improve the quality of your test process - replicating archived test suites on a keypress means you can test every patch with exact reproductability and free of human error.


Lab Test System for Mobile Networks






Qosmotec - Company Description:




Qosmotec Software Solutions is the most flexible provider of standardized and customizable test systems for mobile communication networks. The Qosmotec concept embraces the entire range of network verification via test automation and unattended test execution. It enables network operators and infrastructure vendors to test their complex systems faster, more thoroughly and at lower expense. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Qosmotec Air Interface Simulator, Propagation Effects Replicator and Lab Test System.