The UESim LTE:


UESim LTEThe UeSIM is the complete solution for all your LTE testing needs. UeSIM allows full load of multiple LTE sectors with a single device. On each sector, hundreds of simulated mobiles can concurrently generate load over the radio interface. Load & stress and functional testing over the radio interface encompass complete LTE protocol stacks and their applications. UeSIM can stress and monitor both the FDD/TDD radio interface and the Core Network.


UeSIM configuration is modular and easily scalable. Radio modules are based on a powerful and flexible FPGA/DSP architecture which allows tailored solutions for any testing need, from small to large test beds. From a single control point, the UeSIM system is capable to load up to 8 sectors (20 MHz, full throughput), 2×2 MIMO. Radio modules for all FDD and TDD radio frequency bands are available off the shelf.



UESim can be part of a complete testing and monitoring solution if integrated with other Prisma modules. Simulation over the radio interface can be complemented by S1 and X2 simulation, obtaining a complete end-to-end testing platform completely encompassing the eNodeB.


Multi terminal simulation are of no use if traffic profiles do not mirror real subscriber usage, and take into consideration the current fragmentation of smartphone operating systems, radio capabilities ad terminal types (i.e. data-cards vs. handheld). To address this issue, Prisma has profiled several real smartphones currently available on the market and their “always connected” applications. AirMosaic can rely on traffic models that reflect both a real customer base and real traffic that UeSIM will simulate over the radio interface. A sample scenario could consider a customer base composed by different smartphones running different type of applications, voice calls and so on.


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Prisma Telecom Testing - Company Description:




Prisma Telecom Testing leads multi-user, scalable load & stress test and monitoring solutions for cellular networks. Recently added testing solutions based on Software Defined Radio will now expand the scope of PRISMA’s solutions to the entire range of interfaces used in mobile networks, especially for Evolved EDGE and LTE radio systems. Prisma’s Line Server Unit family of ultra-high performance test systems are designed to support development, system acceptance and production test activities in an effective and flexible way. Airtrace are the UK vendor for the Prisma UESim LTE, 3GSim UMTS, and MsSim GSM products.